When to connect with a vehicle accident lawyer post-collision

When to connect with a vehicle accident lawyer post-collision
When to connect with a vehicle accident lawyer post-collision

Regardless of the severity, once you have been involved in a collision, it is in your own best interest to seek support immediately. This is in order to know your rights and ensure proper compensation for the accident. In addition, it is common, after a traumatic event, for one to lack the capacity to advocate for themselves effectively.

Knowing your rights

More than 55% of Canadians, when faced with a legal issue, are hesitant to take any sort of action due to uncertainty concerning rights that they are entitled to. Similarly, you may not have complete knowledge of your rights, or new laws that may affect your situation. For example, Ontarians are legally obligated to insure their vehicle.

You may not be aware that this usually entails third-party liability insurance which financially ensures that the at-fault party is equipped with the means necessary to cover damages and repair costs for the victim. In the case where you were not aware of this, you may have been part of the 55% of Canadians who view their post-collision journey as a solo one, thinking that little can be done to support them.

Whether you view your accident as a minor or major, the imminence of connecting with a legal professional remains the same. The differentiation between the two is based on one’s subjective experience, additionally, what may be ‘minor’ at the onset, could worsen overtime. This refers to that scratch on your car that may have appeared to be ‘just the paint layer’, or neck pain that you expected to disappear after the initial shock wore off. Where compensation is only possible through initiating the potential claims, the first step is to find a personal injury law firm that is determined to advocate for you.

Have someone take the pressure off your shoulders

With post-collision responsibilities such as contacting CAA, finding a way home, organizing future rides, all whilst coping with the mental trauma, it seems beyond one’s capacity to also advocate for compensation.

Addressing your hesitations

Perhaps you are hesitant to pay for a consultation, go through the process of explaining your story, just to end up not liking the possibilities offered to you. Contrastingly, for some, the process of confiding in a stranger about a personal and traumatic issue may be the root cause of this hesitation. However, MK Law is a firm that takes into account these valid concerns, starting with free consultations which enable you to know what your options are before having to commit to the firm’s support. In addition, there are no flat fees, instead, the firm takes each individual’s situation into account in order to decide on an affordable fee for clients with financial difficulties. Next, if the firm’s mission statement: “Trust. The Power on Your Side” is not convincing enough, there are multiple testimonials on their site by real people, sharing real stories.

Although taking the first step may be daunting, it is crucial to reach out to a personal injury lawyer to discuss future steps and guarantee that you get the compensation you are entitled to. Regardless of your perception of the incident, you owe it to your future self to seek support.


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