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Accidents Outside of Cars

Accidents Outside of Cars
Accidents Outside of Cars

Legal help isn’t just for drivers, accident victims of all kinds need personal injury lawyers

 In Ontario, there is a lot of emphasis on car accidents between two independent drivers in personal injury law. Marketing materials, legal precedent, and the general perception of personal injury law work skews heavily towards these independent vehicle accidents. Common sense would tell you, though, that accidents aren’t so cut and dry.

Bicycle accidents, Taxi accidents, Uber accidents and Lyft accidents are all common parts of life in Ontario, especially in a big city like Toronto. The risk of a TTC accident injury is high in the city, the risk of another bus accident injury is common in the suburbs and truck accidents are increasing in frequency around construction sites. Outside of the city, recreation can be a cause of injury through ATV accident and Boat accidents. The accident gamut is a wide one, it’s almost enough to keep you indoors, but an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can help an accident victim get the compensation they deserve in almost any situation.

What happens after a bike accident

As vehicles in their own right, sharing the road with large, faster-moving vehicles, bicycles and bicycle accidents sadly go hand-in-hand. Cyclists need to know that if they are involved in a bike accident with an insured automobile, they will be entitled to Accident Benefits and potentially a Third Party Claim, determined by fault. The process is very similar to vehicle accidents and the most important step an injured cyclist can take is to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible.

How to win compensation after a bus accident injury

Public transit remains a crucial means of transportation in Canada. Before the pandemic, Canadian public transit carried close to 170 million individual trips. The sheer volume of traffic, combined with the risks of the road, makes accidents an unfortunate inevitability. If you are the victim of a TTC accident injury, it’s crucial to quickly consult a personal injury lawyer to quickly determine who is at fault in an accident to find out what sort of claim you are entitled to.

Taxi accidents and the complexities of ridesharing

When licensed taxis were the only hired vehicles on the road, winning compensation in the case of a taxi accident was more straightforward. The rise of ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft have made the issue more complicated. In the case of an Uber accident or a Lyft accident, determining whether the ‘ride’ was over or not at the time of the accident is crucial to determine whose insurance will pay your compensation.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents might occur in many of the same settings as motor vehicle accidents, but they come with some significant complicating factors. It can be very difficult to prove that the truck driver was at fault, and there are often a wide range of significant issues at play. Truck ownership and driver liability exposure are often a complex web of contracts and arrangements that a lawyer needs to cut through. Perhaps most importantly, simply because of the size of a truck, accidents are often more severe. You need lawyers who can fight your case and win when you go up against these goliaths of the road.

Recreational vehicle accidents

Cities aren’t the only places where non-drivers can be injured. Recreational vehicles are a common source of significant injury and, as personal injury lawyers, we are prepared to deal with these accidents. In the case of a Boat accident, victims face a unique set of circumstances, set by the unique kinds of insurance coverage that can be at play here. You need lawyers with deep experience dealing with various insurance companies.

ATVs are another common source of injury outside of the city. If you are injured in an ATV accident, bringing on an experienced lawyer is absolutely crucial. Insurance coverage of ATV accidents can often be ambiguous, and if you are injured on a rental ATV your entitlement may be completely different. The right legal help can cut through this very confusing and somewhat niche side of personal injury law.

Driver or not, you are entitled to the best legal help

The range of accidents, as you have just learned, are truly wide and complex. When you are facing any of these challenging situations, in addition to the pain and suffering from your injury, you need legal help you can trust, with the breadth of experience to handle any of these situations.

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