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Free Initial Consultation

At this stage, an injured claimant looking for a representation gets introduced with the firm and a team specializing in a related area. Client is able to consult with an experienced accident benefits specialist or a coordinator in order for the claim assessment to be performed efficiently.

Contingency Fee Arrangement

Once the merits into the claim has been established, and firm’s philosophy is acceptable to the client in handling their claims, we introduce them to the contingency fee retainer at the next stage. Contingency fee means that our legal fees will be contingent to the client’s recovery either from settlement or successful judgement/awards.


Our Philosophy and Approach

At the consultation stage, we make sure that every potential client is introduced with the involved process in handling the claims pertaining the injuries and its severity at hand. Client has an opportunity hearing in details our approaches at each stage and has a chance to decide how workable our approach is to the help they are seeking.

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