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Old Our Teams

Our firm’s biggest value lies within our team that is in the heart of our foundational principles.  We are driven by a “can do” attitude backed up by our experience in a personal injury law, while delivering and effective and creative solutions for our clients on time.

Affordable Legal Fees

We appreciate everyone’s effort to reach out to us while also realizing that not everyone could be financially stable. Passion for help and resolving the legal issue effectively has always been in the heart of our goal. With such spirit we approach everyone’s situation individually and try to solve their legal problem with affordable fees and representation based on their financial means at hand.

Extremely Friendly and Supportive Team

Team at MK law Firm stands out being extremely friendly to clients and always directly addressing clients’ specific legal needs. Supporting each other in team and clients on a daily basis has long inspired a team work philosophy in our practice. Today we proudly claim that people are our firm’s most valuable asset.

Trust Empowers Us

All we are asking from our clients is the sincere and utmost trust. The rest remains on us to deliver the necessary results that does not disappoint. We realize how hard it is to be patient and stay positive while being injured and having a claim against the defendant. It is even more stressful when it comes to trusting a legal firm with your claim that you are not familiar with yet. We try to resolve this situation and comfort the client by the following two steps:

Upon the initial meeting and consultation with client, we dedicate considerable time and effort to absolutely make sure that client is well aware of our practice and has acquired enough knowledge to decide whether our firm’s philosophy fits their legal needs.

As for the next step, when it comes to trusting our firm, we offer a testimonials page where our prospective clients can review the comments and posts by our former clients. On testimonials page posts are being made regularly about the experiences they have got with us. They share their insights and rate us. As of today, we are extremely proud by our successful rating and feedbacks we have gained by the clients we have represented.


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